Stop and Listen: What Is Life Telling You?

Hi, I’m Ashley! Nice to meet you. Here is a little background about my life and an unrelated photo of me at Disney World.

Life has a funny way of putting you exactly where you need to be at the right time. I am currently living in Nebraska (a very recent move), and nothing in my life could have predicted that I would be living here for any amount of time, yet here we are. What life has taught me is, while I don’t yet know the reason, there’s a purpose to me being here. Had life not pushed me in this direction, and had I received what I wanted, I’d be frolicking on the beach in San Diego right now, but clearly that is not where I need to be in this season.

I’m only 23 years old, so I don’t pretend to know everything. Life has taught me that I know very little. Life has also taught that some lessons you can only learn by going through them. Other lessons, though, I feel could have been avoided had I had a little more reasoning and logic in my teen years—if I had had a little more trust in God and listened more rather than running off a list of prayers of what I wanted in life.

Some girls were a lot smarter than I and focused on other things during their high school years, and while I did focus on my studies and my friends, a huge portion of my time was spent worrying about whatever boy I liked at the time. Did he like me back? Why hadn’t he asked me out yet? Other times were spent worrying about guys I had dated (if you can even call a week to one month long relationships “dating”). Why didn’t he like me anymore? What did I do wrong? Am I unlovable or, worst yet, was I *gasp* annoying?

For all of the years of romantic comedies I watched, it somehow evaded me that ended relationships and rejections should actually be celebrated. Yes, rejection hurts (a lot), but if it wasn’t a good match—heck, if it wasn’t the match—I should have been glad to be rid of the relationship!

Me and the very nice husband I could have missed out on.

It’s not worth your time to be with someone (relationship or friend) who doesn’t understand your quirks or your humor or whatever it may be that’s not clicking. That was something I failed to understand—I just saw it as a failure on my part; I thought that something was wrong with me and that I needed to change. I spent so much time worrying about if a boy liked me that I hardly ever gave myself a chance to figure out if I actually liked him. I was too worried about keeping or obtaining what I thought I wanted. I failed to stop and listen to what life—and God—were practically screaming at me.

Ladies, I’m so happy to be writing for Tower318 to have a chance to build you up and encourage you to reach your brightest potentials and to never question what makes you uniquely you. Whatever hardship you’re facing, whatever personal quality you’re questioning, whatever unanswered prayer or desire that you’re wishing to be granted, please take a moment to just listen.

Take a break from all of the noise in your head and all of the competing wishes and wants echoing in your mind, and instead take a moment to listen. Chances are, the answer to your problem is right in front of you; it just may not be the answer you want. But trust me, still listen. If I hadn’t, I might not have my husband. I might not be writing for Tower318. I might not have a far better life than I could have imagined at 16.


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