Finding Joy in Gratefulness

My Post Copy (9)We all have bad days. Sometimes, depending on where you are in life, it can even feel like we have more bad days than good days.

But, I’ve found that even on the bad days, there is always some good. There is always some glimmer of hope and gratitude to be had.

Happiness is a choice. We can choose to continue on paths that make us unhappy or decide to make changes. We can choose to be in poor moods or attempt to spread joy to others (and, by consequence, spread joy to ourselves).

Making the daily choice to be happy begins by changing our hearts. And that occurs through gratefulness.

In the midst of a bad day, bad week—or, heck—even a bad year, it can be difficult to feel grateful, but with the smallest change of routine, you can make it possible.

Before going to bed every night, take a moment to reflect on your day. Try to come up with at least three things that occurred during your day that you were grateful for. It could even just be three people you are thankful to have in your life.

Even on your worst days, I guarantee you will find at least three moments of your day that made you smile. Maybe it’s as simple as seeing a sunrise or sunset, sharing a laugh with a friend, or seeing a cute dog on the street (mine are usually dogs).

Journaling three things I was grateful for every night was a habit I had during my high school years. I am so thankful for the joy and peace it brought me. It ended my nights on a great note despite anxieties from my day or worries for the day to come. It’s a habit I’m trying to reinstate back in my life now.

You don’t need to journal or necessarily do it nightly, but I encourage you to establish your own routine to recognize the good moments—especially on the bad days.

We could all use more joy. Find yours in gratefulness.   

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